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Aug 11, 2005
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hello people .i am just curious . not to say im wiser than anyone else . but how come by my name it still says member and not junior member or anything like that? im over 30 by 4 years lol .and been a member i think for six months and im looking at peoples names that just got in here dec. and saying junior member . doesnt grays help any .
that cant be right if you read how many post i have which is 93 and yours is 18. also my join date is aug. 2005 and yours is nov 2005 .so it has to be based on something else but good try though .
not really, im a junior member and you are a regular member, u r higher in rank than me, cuz youve made more posts than me, thats my guess
i am thinking junior member is next to senior member .owell it doesnt matter that much to me just curiouse about it cool forum though huh ?
junior member is as low as u get, then member, then senior member, then theres others, and im pretty sure its based solely on post.
thanks guys , you made it clear too 2 of us .

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