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Mar 4, 2006
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how do i know which way my bulb should be positioned, i was just reading about hid lighting and realized i never put any thought into i just put it horizontal. its a 250w mh from home depot. anybody have any ideas?
Look at the bulbs box. Somewhere on the box it should say, V or vertical, H or horizontal, but many new bulbs now are actually U or universal. PLEASE do not just assume that it is universal, you have to confirm this info asap, because this a very dangerous.

So please go and check out the box now, so that I can be at ease. I do not want any fellow members to have any avoidable acidents.

Good luck
i dont see any letters alls it says is M58PG-250 250 watt mogul base
for use only with ansi m58 ballast
If you cant find it on the box then go to the manufactures website and look up the model. By the way the Letter could be at the end of the model #, but not always, who makes the bulb?
its a philips, i thought it might be in the model number to but i dont know what pg could stand for, i looked at the website but couldnt realy find anything, im still looking around but if you find out anything let me know stat, you got me scared
For sure I am checking it out myself, I should have an answer in a few minutes
on the proof of purchase it says MH250/U, do you think that could be it?
thats it, that is exactly what were are looking for...That tells us that you have a 250 watt Metal Halide that burns in the universal position, which is any position.

So you are totally fine to use it how ever you please.

The main issues that you would have had with using in the wrong way is that it would have for sure blown out in a few days, plus it could explode. But you are fine

Sorry for the scare, I just do not like to play around with HIDs, because if not used correctly, it is very easy for bad things to happen.

With that said, I only use HIDs, i am myself a HPS kind of fellow
phew!, that definatly scared me, i dont like messing around with these things, thanks a lot for the help, very appreciated.
No problem, any time

By the way good luck with your grow:D

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