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So what I tried to use is the EarthBox automatic watering system. It's $50 for two and since I will be needing it for my deck tomatoes next year I was hoping I could get this system to work with a gravity feed. Fine print says it won't but I was curious to find out why. The system needs a positive pressure greater than what a gravity feed can produce as in like a minimum of 15 psi of water pressure as it's designed but I still think it could work and will be looking at this again and test gravity feed again.

Regardless my watering routine is so easy it doesn't matter just now as I mainly want automatic watering when we go on trips. I look in the water pipe and if I see water I no care however when see the water is below the roots or somewhat dry hit my pump for 20 seconds pumping a gallon of water into each container. I may be overly cautious as I think it can hold over 2 gallons. I will be checking it out later today to see how long I can pump water in before it hits the overflow which spills out into the tent.

So yes I am watering daily but the soil stays at 70% water and no additional fertilizer other than me taking some banana peels and soaking them for 6 days, removing the “juice” then adjusting the PH and injecting it into my soil. I do use some calmag but not at every watering.
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Day 62 and bud formation is just rolling along. I keep forgetting you can't see the buds on the front right plant. Trust me it's loaded and is visible from the right hand side. It's just so much like a bush. I cut a lot more fan leaves off and still not a dent. I thought it was a sin to take a lot of leaves off an auto but honestly I can't help it. Still love the Hawaiian on the front left. It's like it's just growing big bud sticks and super sweet smelling.

I just finished 8 autos and I found they can take just as much twisting and cavorting as any other cannabis plant. I removed leaf a lot. They never seemed to mind. Ya couldn't even tell I took leaf in a few days.
Day 69. I have some kind of light pollution issue so I cut back to a 20/4 light schedule and as the leaves affected start to die I will remove them to expose the dark green leaves under them. The Hawaiian plant isn’t affected at all with its leaves a dark green. The Hawaiian is also frosting really well.


Nothing else ? The promix must balance the pH ?????
Now I understand what you were saying. And there is nothing to balance the PH, thanks for pointing that out. I really should have put dolomite fast acting lime in the soil. Goes on my list along with both blood and bone meal

I was wondering why the Hawaiian plant is so green. Turns out soil in Hawaii is slightly acidic
Day 76 from seed

Shots from two angles of my tent. Now I am glad I have like 3 layers of leaves as the top leaves turn yellow from the PH being slightly acidic I cut off the dying ones to expose lower fan leaves that are green. The water soluble lime I put on top is starting to slow that decay but the main thing is to keep removing dying leaves to expose green leaves to the light.

By adding dolomite lime to the soil my next grow will be phenomenal, it was all I was lacking. I know now that the typical rules of how to trim autos doesn’t work for this system. Next time I grow autos I will cut a ton of leaves off because I know I can so I can get beastly buds next time. Still have a couple of weeks on these curious to see how much bigger they will get fighting the PH issue. By looking at the diameter of the stalk where it comes out of the soil the root system isn’t like an auto it’s like a photo. Bigger than a quarter in diameter.



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