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Considering I am running 70% moisture in my soil and humidity in my tent runs around 60% I am adding a third AC Infinity fan by using a splitter to allow one port to control two fans. Not ideal but it works until I can do better. After Lesso’s loss it would seem prudent for me to take a more proactive approach concerning air movement in my growing area.

Hoping to harvest the majority of the Gorilla Zkittlez today!

So I am doing this piecemeal as the strains don’t ripen at the same time. Plus I got a new gadget that helped me see the amber. I harvested about 80% of the Gorilla Zkittlez. Here are the trichome shots and the harvest shots for that. I found wet trimming upside down worked best for me because I can leave the trichome laden leaves since I can see the concentration of trichome on some sugar leaves. Since I am vaping dry herb those leaves are just fine with me.

The buds aren’t huge but they are rock solid and smell insane.

I am leaving the lower GZ buds to continue ripening. Now you can see the NL on the right with fan leaves starting to turn and the WW which should be ready within a week.

Moved my mahogany planks to the 2 ft drying tent with the spinning basket. No sense in wasting good terpenes!




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The small amount of early bud I harvested stabilized humidity at 62% after a week and a half. That it did gives me confidence in my spin drying. Since the early bud went 11 days but there is way more of it I am thinking a 14 day dry? I left enough stems to be able to check dryness.

I am noting that if all of this had matured at the same time I would have a hard time drying. Just the 80% of the GZ took up half of the mesh basket. Gotta take that into consideration in the future.
Since I have a new 69 Pro controller for the next grow I decided to put it on the drying tent to keep a record of both temp and humidity. If I need more air I may add a small amount of fan push of fresh air into the drying tent. I wish I could have used 6 inch hose from the 2x2 drying tent but it won’t fly. I will be able to see any variations during drying or just how stable this method is.

I feel the need to sample but I feel most quick drying efforts probably degrade the product so I am trying something different. I pulled a small bud and placed it at the inlet of my drying tent. I built a foam enclosure loosely from the foam my new fan came in. I then set it for 1 which is substantial less than the pull from the main tent. As in the picture the “test bud” is hammered 24/7 by the new inlet fan.

I wonder how long it will take to dry it enough or if it will


So in 48 hours using a combination of the above tent fan method at 62% humidity / 71 degrees and my humidifier at 37% humidity / 87 degree air output I was able to dry the two small nugs to an acceptable level for my crafty+ vaporizer. Just tried the WW and may be taking it down to the small bottom nugs today. This preserved the terpenes and the smell when grinding was a sharp sour citrus smell. I can say for me this is much better than any dispensary product I have purchased. Very pleased


Congratulations KGB your little nugg looks awesome✌️
To do that I put it on the output of my dehumidifier for an hour then back to “rehydrate” so it wouldn’t be crispy. There is almost nothing left in the grinder but the sample retained all the terpenes. I was surprised at how purple the little GZ nug is. Took 48 hours

When it’s all drying and curing I will play with the environmental settings for a couple of days and start my next grow. The fan leaves on the NL are just fading well and I have not sampled or cut it yet as it won’t produce much anyway but should still produce quality.

Everything will be harvested in the next week or two
So the taste test on the 48 hours dry WW bud was, in my opinion, a rousing success. Scents of extremely sour pine when I ground it and no harsh taste when vaporized. I sat outside and fell asleep on a lounge chair and when I woke up I felt great and decided to trim the hedges. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

GZ taste test comes later today. As soon as I see a little more amber, two days I hope, I will be harvesting the majority of the WW
Just thought I would show the trichomes for the WW. You can see the touch of amber and the trichomes are almost all cloudy but none of the trichome globes are amber. Still its outstanding right now

Ok today smoke report on the GZ. I did slightly over dry but just to the point it lost most of its terpene smell. That being said the vapor has an excellent taste that’s sweet but not cloying. The effect is similar to the WW in its “clarity” but different. I would easily rate this, as was the WW, better than any of the 9 strains I purchased at the dispensary. And I used my new glass with the vaporizer…perfection

Maybe growing in organic medium?

Regardless I am a believer now
Still can’t get 10% amber on the WW just a few but the good thing is the NL is catching up and also has a tiny amount of amber so maybe I can take it all down. I did harvest the remainder of the GZ a full week after the main bud was harvested to see the difference.

That said I had not been checking the dry tent like I wanted and at night the humidity is dropping to 50% which is unacceptable. It’s causing a little crispness as weather changed again. Now it will be 55% at night and 60-64% during the day. Other than that it really makes drying easy.
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I got the amber so it’s harvest time. I still have to harvest the NL but I doubt I will get more than 1/2 ounce from it. But that 1/2 ounce should be awesome and I plan on growing a NL auto soon anyways. The GZ has been drying a week but needs about four more days in the spin drier for a total of 18 days. Then I will have more drying space.

I rarely touch the buds until harvest. In the past few weeks the smell of the WW has changed considerably. It’s a deep sour peppery smell.

Final pics



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