Kman's cheese#1 by A1

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Oct 22, 2009
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to all cheese people??
just cracked a pk ofKaliman's cheese#1,on 8/11,hope for cheese for xmas?anyway it will be all organic soil,lc's mix 5 gal pots,600 w hps in flower,led in veg,for 42 days +-...any ideas on streach on these??got room just asking??
anyway 8 of 10 are up//looking for a taste i got in the uk in the late 90's?have grown BB cheese and dina cheese,neather are close???
will post pic when got something good to show//soon

good luck to me!!!:D
Hi Archie,

there are some more lanky pheno's but they respond well to multiple topping.

The stems and branches are rather thin so you'll have to provide some kind of support in mid flower onwards. I use canes and green garden wire but netting is a better bet really.

That's a couple of pics of Ocanabis' grow of Cheese#1 and you can see that is the lankier type of pheno pictured.

So glad you've grown BB's and Dinafems cheese as I'll be very interested to see what you think of my **** in comparison.



Cheese #3 - 1a.jpg

Cheese #1-2.jpg
rockster,thanks for stoping in...
been tough here???storms,outages,failyers????
anyway,,,8 germed,got 7 to veg..then got 6 boys 1 girl..and she has had it tough couple of weeks in the flower box????
still got a mix pack to try now that things are stable again????
in the mean time got some jilly bean and dairy queen clones,that were gifted by dman, in a couple weeks some pics!!!!yea......
Hi archie and thanks for the update and as regards your m/f rate, ouch!

Glad you got the mixed pack as a fall back position and will look forward to a pics update. :)
got a 6pk of the quartro mix started in org soil...quick to pop,should be have a dairy queen from subby that looks sweet..things in flower know,some jilly bean,dairy queen,mr.n,****,some dinafem bluwidow and critical jack to keep me busy till the mix is ready?

things in veg include,all clones chernoble,somango,and my 1 cheese fem in reveg???mom???gotta flower it first??

Rockster & Co,Are one standup operation..had a small problem.and the man himself takes time to take care of it himself!!!never asked,the man offered and his word is "rock" solid!!!sweet pun???not...

anyway just saying thanks R-man

Here's a few pics Archie of some current cheese#1 grows. :)

The first 3 pics are at 32 days flowering and the others at 7 weeks plus.







that looks correct..thanks for the insperation...thanks man

peace out,,,
I have ordered the quatro pack, and it is on the way. There is cheese im my future as well -- green mojo archie. I'll be interested in coming along on this grow --if you don't mind.

I got some good looking little seedlings,gotta be some keepers in there?..will keep all updated..the new cheese#1 will get wet as soon as i move some clones to veg??so/on so forth!!
should be a fine winter...over&out

Hf? were you in the club??

sorry long time no post,,anyway got 3 ch#1 girls in flower now,all been clonedfor second run,couple of these girls are real stinkers..1 pheno real strong stems and uprite strcture...other 2 more bushy?all look good.can't wait for 2nd run, one of these will shine bright!!

thanks rockster for a chance at this fine gear...

flash,today....... .. .what we have here is three fine ladys..almost to much branching?nice tight node spaceing,very dark leafs,real tough strong stems and smell is real tart fruit&piss,building every week??small trics at this point but everything is covered???

will report in latter... .. . ..,-over&out

now thats cheese......holy crap..the flavor sticks to your lips,sharp cheese,floral,baby dierea,smells and taste,just what i was looking for..great work rock....this is plant #2 of 3,have clones of all..w/a proper cure i can only imageine how this will taste,,loveit......super med value,very strong yet smooth and not to overpowering.....will give proper smoke report after a cure,but good so far......

Hi Archie,

" the flavour sticks to your lips "

Indeed, we call it the mouth coating effect when it comes to the cheese.

Really pleased Cheese#1 turned out to your liking. :)

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