Large Plants in hydro to Soil?

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Oct 2, 2009
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I have 2 plants in 6" rockwool that are about 2' tall, I had them left over from a grow and used them as mom plants. I keep them in a small closet with a ebb n flow, they are rootbound and my lil hydro system doesnt have room for anything bigger.

I had three, I put one in a 5 gallon bucket of soil and its still alive after week n 1/2 . I want to put the others in soil and flower them along with the rest of the plants in the other room, I switched from hydro to soil to change things up.

Any problems doing this with such a big rockwool block?
I can't think of any problems as long as you are careful with the roots when you transplant.
What I would say about the block is that when the plants are in soil, the rockwool will hold water for a lot longer than the soil around it so be aware of this when watering. Persoinally I would water around the block, if it wicks some, fair enough but you want to encourage the roots to spread through your soil.
Hope that makes sense, I really shouldnt wake & bake, I rarely make sense when I do :D
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woodydude said:
I really shouldnt wake & bake, I rarely make sense when I do :D
Peace W

I rarely make sense when I don't.:D
Work would be hell without my wake n bake lol, back on topic, thats how I thought about it too, ima go for it n make some good clone to ensure I dont lose my precious strains.. Anyone else had any experience here?

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