Lets hear eveyones craziest storys about gettin high


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Mar 5, 2008
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I totally had to make this thread befor i forget. I havent seen a thread like this for a very long time and allways good for a laugh...And im sure everyone has atleast one gut busting crazy story to tell. Ive got a few but ill start with one i was just thinking about.

So this was back in grade 11 and i lived in a pretty small community(everyone knows everyone). I remmeber that it was around the time Ferienheit 9/11 came out and we just watched it in school and "lets smoke em out";) was our new saying. Lunch time came around and like every lunch break we'd go get baked(in many stupid places i may add), this time was a lil more secluded up on the hill next to school in the trees.
So we find a nice dead log for all 5 of us to sit(1 guy wasn't a regualar everyday smoker like us). So we start smokein and laffin:ccc: and half way through our session spiders start cralin on us:eek:. we all jump. i freaked a lil i hate em, but we start laffin doin "lets smoke em out" and make a lil fire in the logs. dumb idea.
So were all laffin and **** and hear the bell ring. so we stumped it out but it was still smokin and we were all like"the smoke will drive em off". so we head back to school. and go to class.
a hour later the the big town sirens go off:holysheep:(used to live next to a dam so we had massive sirens u can hear for 10km) so the whole town knows.we all look at each other and im just like no freakin way! i look at the guy who doesnt normally smoke and the look on his face was pricless:eek:. The last hour of school was pretty nerve racking:bolt:. When it got out we told each other "no one say a thing". when i drove by in the bus my jaw just dropped:eek: :holysheep: . about 2 football fields worth of trees and wut not went up in flames. no damage to anone ones stuff luckily. I turned to my buddy who was with us and said in the Gorge Bush voice"I think we smoked em out" lol comedys all about timing:D
Long story short they were searchin for culprits but a local restraunt cook we smoked weed all the time with told the cops that he saw a guy up there smokin a cig and thats was that, saved our butts. good thing to cuz most of my teachers were the firefights lol that would made skool a bit hardeder i bet.

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