Light for "night"

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Apr 5, 2011
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What color light is best for the flower room when the main lights are off? I was in one that was using green, is that the preferred coloror or is there something better?
Yes a green light will allow you to go into your flower room at lights off...
yea i got the green eye, its a earpiece that has a nice green light on it
Although plants reflect green light rather than absorb it, I believe that it is a bad practice to be entering your flowering room at all during lights out unless it is an emergency.
:yeahthat: THC nailed it, i only use my for emergency's
A misconception among even very experienced growers is that green light cannot be detected and used by plants.

It can.

While not in as large amounts as other spectrums of light, green light in sufficient brightness could be detected and cause problems with photosensitive periods of a plants life.

The information is available on the net. I've posted it here before.

A search like "Plant Growth Green Light" "Plants detect green light" "Photosynthesis and green light" will find the info.

The best advice I can give anyone is to plan your work in the grow room to be only during lights on time. Or move your reservoir out of the room. If you have to go in, use a VERY DIM green light and let your eyes adjust to the low light conditions.
Here's a few quotes from various plant biology sources:

Carotenoids and chlorophyll b absorb some of the energy in the green wavelength.

Chlorophyll b is a yellow-green chlorophyll pigment which occurs only in plants and green algae. It functions as a light harvesting pigment that pass on the light excitation to chlorophyll a. It absorbs well at wavelength of 450-500 nm and 600-650 nm of the electromagnetic spectrum. Some of the lower wavelength green light is absorbed.

Chlorophyll a absorbs its energy from the Violet-Blue and Reddish orange-Red wavelengths, and little from the intermediate (Green-Yellow-Orange) wavelengths.

-----------end of quotes-----------

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