Light Proof Closet

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Oct 4, 2005
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im almost ready to start my grow but i noticed the the closet i am going to be using leaks light through the cracks in the door. Its not very much but i still want to correct it. should i just duct tape it? or is there some other less noticeable way to solve this issue?
You can use does big black plastic bags and staple it from inside the closet.
The top of the door has a 1/2inch crack on the top and the sides have about centimeter cracks.

I tried the Black bags... and it works. but wont the bags absorb alot of the light?
Do you think if i used the heavy white bags it would work? i spent all of my budget for my grow space on the lights and other stuff so im kinda strapped for cash right now.
It doesn't really matter how you close your light leaks, everyone does something different, it don't matter.

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