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Apr 19, 2021
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Henrico, VA
Getting back in the saddle prepping for April!

Got some Night Owl seeds this year (much better than Growers Choice). It’s the “Pre 98 Episode 1” Autoflower.

I gravitated to it because it’s indica heavy (70/30 indica/sativa), has a good mold resistance, and is very fast (to dodge the “dog days” in August).

I have three seeds, so I’ll take a crack at 3 plants. I still have MORE than enough weed from this past years grow, so worst case scenario: I smoke last years weed for another year!

I’ll post as we get closer to April!
That tracks.

Smoked some of my neighbors Northern Lights tonight, and it gets me excited about growing this summer! I’ve been reading reviews/journals on these seeds, and it looks like some great stuff!
I have not heard of Night owl seeds but Northern lights is one of my favorite strains. Fire weed great for pain

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