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Rosebud said:
I didn't feel dissed. It is interesting how we all just want everyone to have as good a grow as a person can given the circumstances.

Fader, I think you like the hands on, literally, don't you go in there and turn those babies several times a day? Mine are lucky to be turned weekly. Anyway...as you say to each his own.
Sorry you got rained out, did they reschedule?

Thanks Rosebud, no they did not reschedule the Mule Run, it's ok, there is next year and I should have a few extra strains to share when that time comes....

Still waiting on my seeds, they should be here by friday I'd think... have few things to do in my new grow area anyways.... be glad to get started again..... regarding the hands on, I check PH and PPM levels 2-3x/day, don't really move the plants around just the CFLs during flowering stage... still have not decided to use 3 gallon buckets or 5 gallon buckets... found some solid black 5 gallon buckets last week, if I use the 3 gallons I need to paint black so light can't shine in.... the roots are to get no light, and I plan to feed from the top of the buckets using micro sprayers.....

Well need to run, later Rosebud
Did you say that this is your 4th grow? . Did you have a thread a couple months ago about vertical growing? Good luck to u. I'm gonna go look for some of your old grows and see if the cfl are as good as you claim, I've got a buddy that grows with them, he likes my buds under the MH lights better than his. same strain. but I haven't really looked!!! I actually like the MH better than the HPS for finished product. just my opinion, I guess I should look into it, I've just never cared about lumens and grams per square foot or even the cost of running my lights, I do use 220 stuff rather than 110, I heard it was cheaper!! Anyway, I brought my chair.
Faderharley said:
but those seeds they re-sent were caught by Homeland Security, so.... I don't get my seeds from them anymore...

:eek: :holysheep:

When did this happen? Did you get a letter or something? Who is them?

Nice line-up :bolt::bong:
pcduck said:
:eek: :holysheep:

When did this happen? Did you get a letter or something? Who is them?

Nice line-up :bolt::bong:
Ministry of Cannabis was the seedbank, they sent me more seeds because the ones I had ordered/used were all of the same strain... they claimed the had an employee that did this to several customers, apparently I was one of them, so they tried to make good by sending me strains that I had order.... this occured about 1-1/2 year ago... Homeland Security sent a letter/notice to me about the seizures of the seeds...
10 oz from 1 plant first try.....yea sure Roddy come on dude lol
meetmrfist2 said:
10 oz from 1 plant first try.....yea sure Roddy come on dude lol

I'm not here to impress, to make myself seem a better grower than I am or ANYTHING. You can believe me or not.

Yes, 10oz dried, yes 1st attempt and yes, the plant was 6' tall at finish. Yes, the high was awesome, it's STILL the benchmark for all others around here...not blowing my own horn here, sorry.

I'll see if I have pics still, but the original grow journal was lost in the crash.
Rod bud3 003.JPG

This is the only one I could find without a bunch of searching, something I could care less to do and won't. The cola alone was over an oz dried.

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