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The Hemp Goddess

As many of you may know, I am more of a "Sativa Gal". However as old age and hard living catch up with me, I am finding that I am in need of a good--no, a great--Indica to help with pain relief and sleeping. I generally have no trouble falling asleep--it is staying asleep that plagues me. Arthritis, mainly in my hands and knees wakes me up during the night. Until recently, OTC medications like IB and tylenol controlled the pain. I am now beyond that, but am not willing to take any narcotics for pain. So, what do you recommend for this normally Sativa Gal?
Hey THG the best Indica I can think of would have to be Trainwreck. also any hash or kush strain is usually really indica dominant :aok:
Hey Moses, Trainwreck is sativa dominate.

I am real happy with medicine woman but I don't know if you can get it in seeds. It is my fav for pain and sleep.
Does the hot tub help you? Good luck HG.
Hey HG. My favorite all time so far indica is the big buddha cheese. I normally dont go for anything fem but thats how its available. Its a very dense heavy bud and smoke with a nice cheesey sandalwood flavor all phenos grew almost identical and successfully cloned 3 rounds off a mother so far with no herms. If you want to get knocked out or just stupid this one's really good. the only problem is they pushed star trek tng back to 2am so if I roast a J of cheese I rarely make it through the whole episode :eek:
You might wanna try BLZ, it's a 50/50, good pain,sleep med. here's a little info,hxxp://www.puresativa.com/product.php?product=blz-bud I see attitude carries this strain also, I put in some C99 pics tonight,it's coming along nice, sorry about your pain issues, gettin old's sure not for sissys.
Hey THG, My vote would go to Dutch Passion Mazar, a tooth numbing narcotic indica, and also Bogglegum or Bog Sour Bubble are also amazing.
Well. You said you have never grew a blueberry you liked. This BB I got is a heavy indica dom girl, nasty trich production and wreaks of fresh berries. Barely any stretch. I will tell you in 3 weeks if it taste as good as it looks or smells. And macros of course :)
i used to sufer from a shoulder injuray as im a plastrer it was work related only herb i found that realy helped was white widow i had simlar probs with wakeing all threw the night but when i was chuffing the widow it kept me on the pillow all night iv made hash with this strain and it was only used for night time smoke it got me realy in the place// peace and hope you find your herb you need hemp ladie
Papaya or Aurora Indica would be another couple to consider.
Got a few fer ya Goddess! Blue widow is good for sleep and takes the edge of nicely not to mention a great taste! Red diesel barneys , is good for both. i grew a pink skunky lemonade version! when i lived in washington state the ak47 was awsome with the insomnia as well as the white rhino!
I have been looking for something similar for my good lady. We love Blue Cheese as its knockout effect is about the best I have tried. (Not that I have tried many yet)
I know you like Mandala strains and the one I was looking at was Point Of No Return. I think the tude have some but most resellers are sold out just now.
Hope you find what you are looking for.
P & L W
I hear everyone likes the bubba.

Hey thg, where do you get your cindy 99 seeds? Can I just be a full fledged copy cat and grow everything you do?
We are the sativa girls.
Cali connections Larry OG wld be my suggestion....heavenly Kush.
Blackberry Kush is great for pain and making you sleepy, Nightshade by Barneys farm is even better, its a deep Indica buzz that is hugely relaxing.

I dunno where you live THG, but if you can get ahold of a Harlequin clone, i would recommend it, huge amounts of CBD, its like taking a Valium, i take 4 or 5 hits and my knee pain, which most days prevents me from even standing or walking for more than 5 minutes, melts away and i can hobble around with the best of em :) its actually a Sativa but it gives very little head change, when it comes to pain it is second to none.
Hey Rosebud, on Attitude I coulda sworn their Trainwreck was indica. Maybe I was looking as something else :doh: If so, I would go say go with a Kush variety :D
Rosebud said:
I hear everyone likes the bubba.

I've had the pleasure of smoking on some really nice bubba my sister grew. Sweet tasting smoke fo' sho'! Made me want to grow some. Luckily, I happen to have single a DNA fem BubbaKush seed. If she turns out to be a girl she will be my first mother and my next (fall2011) grow will be bubba heavy.

I just got some strong smelling/smooth smoking OG from her as well. She's been growing some nice stuff lately. I am impressed.
Hey THG, if you can get your hands on a cut of P98BK, you'll never look back. It does exactly what you're looking for.

It travels very well in the USPS if you know someone who will mail some to you. When I first got mine, six cuts were sent and all six survived and grew with no problems. I'm on my second set of Host Plants from those cuts.

It's the time of year that cuts will travel well, right now.
Has anyone tried The F-in Incredible? Its for sure I highly quality strain the smells so good its unexplainable.

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