Maid arrested in Keys after calling a deputy to buy drugs


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Jun 21, 2007
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A maid in Marathon was looking for someone to buy her “Crippie,” a slang term for a potent form of marijuana.

In a “what was she thinking moment,” Jennifer Knopp called Christian Galls, a deputy with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office who was on duty Thursday night at the Marathon substation.

About an hour later, Knopp was arrested. The 39-year-old was charged with two felonies and a first-degree misdemeanor for possessing 24.5 grams of marijuana and drug equipment and attempting to sell narcotics.

Knopp had Galls’ department-issued SWAT phone number because she was involved in one of his open cases. On July 28, Galls made a complaint to the Sheriff’s Office that she was the victim of domestic abuse by her live-in boyfriend.

According to the police report on the drug charges, Knopp called Galls about 9:15 p.m. Thursday. Galls missed the call but noticed it was from Knopp and called her back right away because he had follow-up work to do on the alleged domestic abuse case.

Knopp was calling for a different reason. She told Galls that she “had the stuff he was looking for.”

After determining the stuff was marijuana, Galls agreed to buy a quarter ounce of the illegal drug. He contacted narcotics detectives and agreed to meet Knopp at a nearby movie theatre.

When Galls and deputy Paul Bean, both in uniforms, arrived at the meeting spot and got out of their patrol cars, Knopp tried to drive away in a 1999 beige Chrysler. Her car ran over two plastic parking rails in the parking lot.

The deputies returned to their patrol cars and pulled Knopp over in a traffic stop. In her black purse was the marijuana, a cell phone used to call Galls and $309.

When Galls asked Knopp why she called him, she replied she was hoping he could help her get away from her passenger, 6-4, 270-pound Christopher Flingos, according to the report. Flingos was not charged with any crime.


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