Marijuana side effects

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Just a sort-of poll.
What side effects negative or positive do you guys get from clean marijuana (no lacing or pesticides, good clean bud). Do not list "I get High" that is a given.

I get increase appetite (of course)
More prone to respitory infection (but I am a cig. smoker too)
Very mild short term memory loss (only when I am high not sober)
It's always made me horny as hell. When I light up, even the snakes run for the hills.
Loss of senses sometimes (which i find extremly annoying.)

burnt out feeling the following week sometimes.
when i smoke weed i get really laid back and calm, it can stop me from doing some stupid stuff when i blow my fuse. and also it makes me real laid back to the point where im (depending on how much ive smoked) not able to get anything important done in the day
Side effects :

Increased Drowsiness, Sometimes getting very queasy (but that could be from my medical conditions),I don't get the munchies often but when i do.. i could eat everything in the fridge plus some, occassionaly Getting that burnt out feeling, that lasts at least a day or two, sometimes i get that euphoric kinda high and it's like talking to god... a very spiritual inner kinda of high. Loss of Verbal Skills.. there are times i get high and i can't say a word but i feel like i have but i haven't and yeah my mouth just doesn't work.... is that considered a side effect??? not exactly sure what you would consider one.
everyone stay away from stoney bud lol. exspecially me i got stuck on the toilet once but that was also due to my severe muscle spasms i get in my lower back .
i get reallly pasty and when im high i feel like my hearts gonna explode
Well, when I somke I get very horny, that happens every time. My sences become hightened. Its like my eyes sight is very clear and my taste buds are like hightened to X10. Damn I love smoking:D
Stoney Bud said:
It's always made me horny as hell. When I light up, even the snakes run for the hills.
lady kush said:
Well, when I somke I get very horny, that happens every time. My sences become hightened. Its like my eyes sight is very clear and my taste buds are like hightened to X10. Damn I love smoking:D

In all my years, I've learned many things. One of them is that to make myself incredibly happy and fulfilled, all I need to do is make my lady fulfilled first. A totally satisfied women is a women who will make sure her man, (or women, or both), is also happy.

I wish I'd known that when I was much, much younger.

Lady Kush, we should have already met by now. If you tell me that you love sushi too, I'm going to have to hunt you down...
Hey Stoney i do like sushi;). So you make the snakes run for the hills huh? Skunk what kind of joint do you have for me?:D
lady kush . i would like to reply to that one but dont want to get in any trouble in this forum. butt butt you could pvt msg me . thats if you are above age and i might have a big fat one waiting on you.
I get a high different from all my friends. When I'm high I can't control myself and i start moving around in a dancing type matter.. especially when i am listening to music. Its actually quite weird. Last night i smoked and just couldn't stop doing this weird moving shit for hours. I also lose all senses. I get real hungry but when i eat, i don't taste it at all. about fun

If u like listening to music when high, I'd recommend Radiohead - Idioteque ...its orgasmic
lets see

when im high i tend to pay attention more, friends i smoke with say i sound smart (haha), but i dont know if they are just high. Some times when im walking and smoking ill feel like im on a mission. I get the munchies and will eat alot and then when i have to take a dump its all bad =/, Also colors are more sharper like brighter and I like to make jokes, chill listen to music, anything with a good steady beat. Then i get drowsy.
i used to smoke every day before school,i still smoke every day b4 work and on lunch breaks.the effect i have is i can do things better,faster,and im just more motivated to do stuff....well thats if its good bud like u said cuz if its some bunk i just get tired.
There was a quote from a High Times interview done by Richard Stratton were he said

"[Marijuana] doesn't debilitate me. I don't want to sit around and do nothing when I'm high. I get inspired, energized. I don't subscribe to the theory of the anti-motivational syndrome. If anything, when I'm straight, I'm often to hyper and too left-brain-oriented. I go off on tangents and I don't stop to look around and try to find a deeper meaning in what I'm doing. Marijuana will slow me down and allow me to connect with the mood of what's going on around me. And that, in turn, inspires me to go further into what I'm trying to do."

This is exactly what happens to me! and is partially why I am a chronic smoker it allows me to zone in on what I am doing and go the extra mile to do it right! :)
I enjoy my Smoke, but when I do Smoke, I can't sit to relax, I have to get to doing some thing outside and get some thing done..
Or get in front of my computer and chat on line or do some search.!!
The main side effect for me is the craving for some good comedy wether that comes from a film, a comedian, or friends.. that and the need for plenty of drink, usually water, tea, coffee, or a nice beer or four
Oh and does anyone else ever get autopilot? its something that happens to me, i roll up, i smoke up, and then i lose track of about half an hour in which ill mix a good drink roll up another put some good music on dim the lights etc, then i snap out of it and spend the next two hours trying to peice together my lost time spent in a daze lol.... maybe thats just me, and only on rare occasion

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