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Feb 28, 2005
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yo homes

do u know if u mix 2 or more kinda greens together u get a different kinda high
yer its pretty crazy
some greens hits u fast
and some hits u slow but lasts long
so u mix them u be flying high
Yes, you can do that, it works precisly as you say. It's very common for the more knowledgable to mix different types of marijuana (cannabis) together. Also hash and weed togther is very common. This way you can make the right mix that is perfect for you.
Yeah When me and my friends get together we always have different cron so we mix it all up in a blunt it taste so good and your blazed :p
you wouldnt want to mix a bunch of bad weed in with your good weed. that would just make you good weed not as good. if both weeds are good weed then it would work very well.
tell me about it

i hate waiting for some barstard dearer
and then getting shit weed dam
pisses me off

although this has nothing to do with growing
but i think all of u guys
have been in that situation
hey weed dog

i just started growing and its my 1st time
1st 2 oval leafs poped out
than 2 more spear shaped ones poped out
and now i think, cause 2 more spear shaped ones are coming out
can really tell casue they are still quite small
is that normal??
when is the real thing coming out???

and im using a paper cup for the pot for now
when should i transplant it?

also when the weed leafs come out
if i smoke it
would it affect me( or have any effects)
hey mar passion
whats harsh???

i think i know but not sure
( well i dont know soo what is it?)
you mean hash its pretty much only thc a way different high way better acully its like a brown color its pressed and you dont need a lot to get blazed
mybaby, be patient and let them grow. how old are they?
how old
i think its like
maybe 2 weeks old
its still a baby
ill post a pic up
but kinda embaressed casue i ve seen other pic ppl post here and theirs are massive or purple lol
and mine can not compare with them :)

is it just the buds u smoke
and throw out the leaves??
just wondering
yea man i know what its like time will pay off just pluck any dying leaves that look as if they cant be saved dont cut the top leaves unless you are ready for budding of a shorter plant or your plant will be all messed up yea post some pics i had plants last season that didnt start to bud for awhile i wanna see if yours look like mine did
when i mix, i mix weed with hashish, mmmmmmmmmm, a good mélange, notting tastes better.

Argh! You guys are killing me! More to learn here...always...
that's why this forums excist, to keep on learning new stuff from others :D

Yup. Thank goodness the big boys are here - at least I can learn from the masters. :)
thehe, i would not say master but experienced ;)

Well, then, don`t you say it - I will - lol ;)
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