MJ Curing Schedule Dilemma

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Jul 31, 2019
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I just finished my 1st harvest and dried for 5 days (I live in Colorado so it dries pretty quick) & now it’s been curing in mason jars for 5 days. So here’s the dilemma...I’m going out of town in 6 days and will be gone for a total of 6 days. My buds will have only been curing for 11 days at that point & I won’t be able to burp them while I’m gone. I thought about poking some holes in the lids or putting the lids on loose and blocking the seals from completely closing with little pieces of T.P. to let a small amount of air in and gases out...

So if anyone has better ideas I’d love to hear them and would appreciate any help! I travel a lot and already have my RDWC system dialed-in and automized for this purpose, but I’ve never had to deal with curing yet...

I would leave them out for at least a day before I left so I know they are nice and crispy dry. Then I would put them back into the jars for the time I am gone. You just need to make sure they have as little moisture as possible. If you overdry it's possible to put a little moisture back in. But if they're too wet when you leave they will mold in the jar.
Have you looked into Boveda Packs? I think that they both absorb and release moisture as needed. I am not 100% on the absorbing moisture, but am thinking that they do. Regardless, in an arid climate, they are good things to use.
Sorry I missed your last post! Been slammed!
I actual bought Boveda packs and hygrometer lids for my mason jars on Amazon a little over a week ago & they work great...no more guess work!


I also flipped my new crop to flower last week & they exploding!


And I trimmed up below the Scrog net much better this round...


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