more help please,

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I was just woundering what should the ph level be for the plants? Also i wanna get a new light for clones and for vegging, cause i was told my 430 HPS light was not good for vegging and too much for clones. Well i was thinking of getting a new light and use that for clones then vegging then use my current light for flowing and buding. What light is best for this? Also i use A B Grow is that any good? if not what is good to use?
your light will be fine if you notice you are having troublr try a floral until it's big enough to use your hps. The thing to remember is to keep your light close enough to keep from streaching but far enough away to keep from getting hot. i use a floral to start and clone because they don't get hot and you can sit the light realy close and it hekps keep the nodes shorter, it is also gentel enough to not burn clones. you want to keep your ph between 6.8 & 7.2. hope this helps. :cool:
The proper PH level for hydro is between 5.5-6.0, for soil, it's 5.8-6.3.
A PH of 7 is neutral, and not good for cannabis.

For your light, get one like this for clones, it's what I use:
They put out NO HEAT, and you can pratically let the leaf touch the light.

For veg, you should be able to use the light you have, just keep it far away if you're experiencing burn.
For flower, you should add more light, another 1000w is IDEAL!

A & B food is OK, but meant for novice growers. I would suggest using General Hydroponics 3 part formula, it's the most expensive, but the best.

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