Morning Glory

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If you dont know already morning glory seeds contain LSA (natural cousin to lsd)

you can buy the seeds almost anywhere including hardware stores, walmart, cvs but 90% of the times they were sprayed with harmful chemicals that will make you sick...
so thats why i am growing the plant and waiting for the seeds to come..
i dont know when the seeds will come.

anyone else enjoy growing morning glorys?



Top one on the left is the oldest. i had to put i net over it because something was eating it.

2nd on on right. was a plant that started out of a dropped mg seed in my thing i noticed was a morning glory plat coming out of a goldfish plant... its the smallest because its sharing soil and water with another plant which are alredy in a small container..

Bottom one is hte helthiest and lloo great but i hant seen one flower it..

ill pist some more pictures of he flowers..
omg i love mourning glorys, and a bottle of coke ahhhhhhhh so much fun

hit me up with some prices of dank non-sprayed seeds :)
word i defintly will once the seed buds are ready to collect witch will be in in a month maybe 2...
thanks max yeah i knew it already and read most off the post before. but i read it again now and read the last part and its pretty much was alot like my first trip minus the puking and wanting to go to sleep with 5 hours left of the trip..

Pretty much the first time i tripped on mg seeds i took twice as much as your suppose to. Like with alot of other hallucinogetics all my emotions were multiplyed by 100 and so about a quarter of the way into the trip i was feeling great until a friend got mad at me and yelld at (she didnt believe me i was tripping) then it alll went downhill from there. i freaked out and crawled around my house literly. i tried to calm myself by smoking a nice cigar but i thought i was going to die because everytime i took a puff from a cigar i felt waves go threw my body and bounce back to my brain (i think it had to do with my nervous system responding to the lsa and tobaco) being scared crapless and another of my friends got mad at me. and yup i felt like crap because i thought all of my firends didnt like me even though only 2 of them were mad at me ( the first one because i kept bothering her screaming about random things and being wierd which was obvously because i was tripping and hte other one because she had gotten in a fight with her firend over a guy and she needed to resolve it with her friend and didnt have time to talk with me) but yeah me feeling like crap i tried to go to bed which was nearly impossable. i was shaking back in forth praying to god and thinking about life. and then i threw up (which felt really good for some reason) and then i looked in the mirror and thought i was a frog.

and yup it was a bad trip but ive since learned that you have to prepare right and be in the right surroundings and take alot less dose with untreted seeds..

so please exp saftly and have a guide and start with low doses. and never take seeds that were sprayed. go to and search for morning glory (they pretty much have everything about it.

peace love and safe trips
I wanted to try make some quick cash, and well i heard abouth the morning glory thing and i was thinking about trying the erowid procedure found
but i have looked every where for petrolum ether and one of the three MG brands recomended. Until I found out that petrolum ether is a degreaser commonly used for motors, i am unsure if this is the right product. Is this ok for use in use

PS: I would be much more apprecitive if you told me a store like Home Depot, than a web site.
Thank you
I was wandering if you knew of any real places (actual stores) i could buy these items, not internet sites. But thank you for responding.
you can buy heavenly blue mg seeds practically anywhere even at walmart ...
if the seeds are sprayed, by law they must tell you on the package.. youll find most of them arent.. burpee brand seeds are the best barnone.. i ate 29.5 grams one time without vomiting :D but it is rewarding to grow, and easy too... the stuff grows like a weed, literally
morning glorys????? first i heard about that.... is this like the glue sniffing high schoolers do?
i tried it and i thought it was bunk...plants are pretty though.

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