my hangin scrog

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Mar 30, 2011
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got a few different flavas goin im stoked on doin some trainin on the babes


Nice : ) Is your light on of those light mover dealies?
What is your "screen" made of? Looks like a fence? : )
It appears as if metal, any concern of it getting too hot for the gals and causing damage where they touch?
Nice set up ...Mojo for the grow

Roddy....I used these as well...they are coated and didnt seem to conduct heat..My concern was the squares was too small and buds got fat inside :giggle:..

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
its two metal grates zip tied together from this store i work at. i used chains for the light and the screen so i could adjust the height. i thought it would be kinda hot too but since its painted white it doesnt seem to be a prob. and im really not sure if its gonna damage them where they touch, i gues ill have to wait and see.
cool you will be fine..Mine was done with the school ocker shelfs..the squares was only 1-1.5 pull up my milk crate to :watchplant:

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
You now have, by simple guesstimation, a ~20% light obstruction(blockage) to your plants. (your screen is too thick)

why the heck dont you use a trellis netting????
idk these grates were free. i thought about that but it seems like theyre reachin through alright. but no doubt could be better
String and nails would work as well IMHO, make a netting and let them grow.
Roddy said:
String and nails would work as well IMHO, make a netting and let them grow.

this was my first idea, i put this one up super last minute tho...i think with my next grow i will have less plants (cuz i got 12 and there packed in my closet), and have a better screen (that will be up much earlier in the plants life). ive heard of people using hemp twine and other stuff is there any thing i should look out for thats better or worse?
they are 8$ at hydro store

google "hydroponic trellis netting" and buy a staple gun

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