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Jan 11, 2022
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Hello people! Here we go again. Got some Amsterdam amnesia haze seeds for this one. Added a new bigger air condition in room because last summer temperatures touched the sky. Day 5, roots appeared under those little pots so i transplanted them. Some kind of mutations in few girls. 270-300 ppfd at the moment.

My plan is 3x girls 10L pots in every 1m2 scrog with 6 weeks of veg , top at week 2 and 4 and lollipop week 5 and week 3 of flowering? If i dont have 12 girls ready i will go for 2x in every scrog on 20L pots with more topping. Wish me luck guys this is going to be a long one


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Any tips for sativa dom plants would be great 😃 first and last time i tried them without scrog or training at all ended up like a jungle in the room unable to control it
Agree with pute and I would add topping and LST early. Years ago I tried an LST method where I used pipe cleaners to train the plants so they circled the pots they were in. I got more tops than I should have let grow.

Worked out pretty well since I was in a 4 ft tall tent with T5 lights. If I did it again though, I would select 6-8 branches to grow vertically and prune off the rest.
good luck , that haze is a proven winner

A first place winner at the Sativa Cup in 2012 and the most popular Haze to hit Europe! A cerebral rollercoaster packed with citrus and lemon terps that flowers in 11-13 weeks. Expect huge yields with our feminised Amnesia Haze, and remember that smoking too much may leave you with short term memory loss!

Genetics: Amnesia Haze is a 80 /20 sativa dominant hybrid that was created by crossing a South Asian Indica with a Cambodian landrace. The results were a strain that produced hybrid vigour with exceptional results. She is suitable for both outdoors and indoors as long as it's in a mediterranean like climate as she will need a longer period to fully ripen.

Strain Characteristics: Expect Amnesia Haze to grow medium tall with an abundance of long side branches. This girl will grow vigorously during the vegetative stage and loves to be trained, thanks to her sativa heritage. She will require patience and due to her over sized yields, can take between 70-84 days before Amnesia Haze will be ready for harvest. However is well worth the wait.

The aroma of Amnesia Haze when flowering is a sharp citrus blend of lemon, orange and mandarin terps, that will fill the room as she begins to pack on some serious weight. Staking plants for support is recommended due to the excess weight that this girl can produce. We recommend Amnesia Haze to more experienced growers who are more familiar with challenging, long flowering Sativa cultivars.

Experiencing this strain: Be prepared for Cannabis Cup winning flavours and an uplifting, euphoric high that keeps on going, due to the THC levels of 16-20%. Smoking Amnesia Haze will be a delight to the senses, with feelings of happiness and focus. Certainly one for those who keep a busy schedule and like to be sharp throughout a working day.

Her flavours will last all the way down to the bottom of the joint, which can be experienced as tropical, earthy, citrus and orange. Once you try Amnesia Haze you will fall in love with her taste, effect and quickly see why she is easily one of the most popular haze variety on the market. This strain may also help with alleviating stress, feelings of depression and nausea. Ideal for daytime use as the effects are more energizing and uplifting.

What makes this strain so great? Amnesia Haze is an absolute winner when it comes down to flavour, yield and effect. Highly potent and performs incredibly well outdoors in hot climates such as Southern Europe. If you want big, sticky Haze buds with serious bag appeal then look no further.
Day 11 all good. Some weird twist on leaves but all good. I will top them at day 14 like i always do. Some root juice only at the moment no food. Im still trying to find out how to play this one. 4 squares of 1m2 each. 10 girls that look great. 2 of them though are a Little behind. Hopefully those 2 will catch up. 10 litre pots with 3 plants on each square ? 5 weeks of veg will be enough? I will go for 5 or 6 weeks maximum


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Day 21. Topping was successful! A Little stressed but we keep going! Around 500 ppfd at the moment. Made a mistake with the A/C and burned few leaves but all fixed 😁 . One more topping at week 4 and we are done


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Day 25, finally overwatering symptoms fading. Topped again , they were fully recovered from the previous topping, except one that I damaged a lot .. I decided that i will go for 3x 10l pots on every scrog with 6 weeks of vegging. They will cover screen and then they can go all the way up to 9 feet there's no problem 😁there is a little one there that for some reason is not growing. I did not top it so i dont know why its stunned, gonna toss it i think


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a little late to comment but really words of wisdom....
You think 3x 10litre pots on every 1m2 scrog will be covered with five weeks of vegging? Flipping them sooner sounds like a dream to me, i really want to smell that limonene terp 😋.
You think 3x 10litre pots on every 1m2 scrog will be covered with five weeks of vegging? Flipping them sooner sounds like a dream to me, i really want to smell that limonene terp 😋.
I would think so they increase size some in flower.
Its small pots to me but the way you feed and how you feed make up for it
Day 28. Second topping was successful, girls are growing beautifully! We got 4 tops on each plant . Looks like next week i flip to 12/12


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Day 32! Getting close to flip. Looks like i got some light stress at 480ppfd.i read that haze has light green colour thought, reduced led's power a little to find out .They looking good and next feed i think will give them a huuuge boost


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Day 34. Lollipoped and some lst. That was the last train for my girls! looking ugly and tired but they will bounce back asap. I will give them 5 more days to recover and then i flip .


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Day 2 in flower. Scrog is added too. I believe with x2 stretch screen will be full 80-100%! The target is 30 to 40cm buds no more hopefully i can hit 1g per watt, im not that far away though 😁 last grow gave me 0.76g per watt so 🙏🙏🙏🙏 please no Hermie and we can do it !


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