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whats up everyone. today i went to the head shop and purchased myself a 16 inch glass bong, and a nice little zepplin. the bong has to weigh atleast 5 lbs. she hits like a monster.
here are a few pics.



Nice! I do love buying new glass. I just got a nice green sherlock bubbler the other day.
Whats even sicker is that Burl veneer board. damn B. Grunt. That is a nice finish on that board. The bong is sweet too. :D
mutt thats solid makore from africa. its in the mahogany family. my brother built it.:D
wow,forget the bong ,that bud is nice

great bong by the way
one day we gonna have to kick it and smoke out of our bongs hahaha im sure you guys got some dank
here are a few more pics of the table. as i said the top is made of solid makore, and the bottom is made from sapele.

also here is a table that was made by my great uncle many years ago. guess what its made of?



A lot of light on the top reflecting back, but the edge nosing looks like anigre or tiger maple.
whats up Mutt. your gonna shit. its made out of plywood. it was cut and glued back together. the top has about 100 or so pieces of wood glued together then cut. never met the guy but he new how to make some furniture. nice design and good craftmanship out of shit ass wood.
How did he get the end of the plywood to finish out so well????? Thats crazy.
there is some chipping on the edges. but overall its a nice piece of furniture. not sure how old it is but i know its been around since i was a little kid and he died a long time before then.

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