Slabs Sphagnum Wicking grow - fall 2022

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And some trichome shots:
I mistimed the flushing I think I could have waited a week. They were flushed for 2.5 weeks, because the trichomes took their time to ripen more than I expected. These were taken right before harvest at 11.5 weeks old.
In another genre on the innerweb, those would be called ‘money shots’ and would have a funky 70’s instrumental soundtrack in the background. Chicka-a-chick-wah-wah…
01/06/2023 (trimmed & bagged, all curing in 1oz grove bags with calibrated hygrometers):
  • Strawberry Banana (both plants combined, almost dried) at 4oz and 11g. or 133g.
  • Forbidden Fruitz 1 (taller more sativa look): 2oz, or 56g
  • Forbidden Fruitz 2 (fat squat indica version): 1oz 17g, or 45g
Total dried bud results: 8.3oz - plus maybe half an ounce pulled early for testing :).

I'm very happy with it. The extra flushing seemed fine although I probably could have ripened an additional week. The smoke is already fairly smooth even pre-curing so I think all the flushing was fine. The buds all look and smoke amazing! The Strawberry Banana is very fruity, super crystally, hits really strong up front and tastes of hash on exhale, and the Forbidden Fruitz is more compact, gassy and skunky similar to zkittles, with a more creeping body high that keeps on giving.

My two little ChemDawg photos are topped twice, spreading and training, looking happy.

Thanks everyone for their support, knowledge and encouragement! <3
enjoy that harvest Amigo!

after reading your descriptions of smell and taste , i am jonesing for a big hooter , or as SG says , a Marley

puff puff pass

herijuana x blueberry

Now you got me jonesing too. That’s a pretty bud. I need to go pick a better one than what’s on the tray now…😊

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