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... Can you take a pic of the rotational device at the top of the unit
Im interested as to what type they used and how they secured it.
The rotational device attaches to the tent poles at the top with a wire loop. A spindle points down spinning at a steady rate. The on/of switch is part of the power cable.

...they had no ordering page...
When I originally ordered I couldn't find a button either. I emailed them and they put me on a backorder list and a few weeks later they emailed me to try again, and I was able to order. They were fairly responsive by email.
Thanks! The below bud is from the critical, mid week 7, 4th week into flowering, and is starting to frost up. I have two or three weeks to go I think. Although the GSC are budding slower so maybe they will take longer. (EDIT: first signs of flowering started 7/12, so I'm in the 4th week 8/4)

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They loves that moss.

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