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May 25, 2005
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Since I've spent the majority of my life since the 60's in close proximity to marijuana, I hardly smell it anymore.
Friends would stop by and say "Damn GanjaGuru (not my real name) I can smell your plants out at the gate (50' away)" but I didn't smell nothin.
But a few minutes ago I was out amidst my 2 dozen plant garden, all flowering, and holy moly it smelled, I mean reeked of THC goodness.
It gave me a natural high.
It really did. I'm high just from smelling it.
It smells almost as good as my favorite vagina.
haha... yup your diffrent senses can create old memories of happiness, like smokeing the best weed and stuff.
Whadd'ya mean? It IS your favorite vagina!

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