Natural Nutes??? What do you think?

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Oct 29, 2006
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Hi Guys,
Maybe this is a little bit weired but how about natural supply of nutes to my plant? I want to try to stay away from all this chemicals is it a smart decision? I'm planing on using egg shells, ash and a piss :D . Would you guys recomend that or is it just waist of time and I should rather stick to the Fox Farm nutes. I know all this chemicals have everything my plant needs and make my plant grow like crazy. My plant is 16 days old should I start with nutes??? I'm using FF ocean and forest but I'm using just plain watter till now. when is it acctually best time to start?

just the thought

Puff, Puff give!!!! :mad:
Go with the conventional ferts. You can always get organic ferts with no or very lil chems. As for the piss...don't do it!!! True, it may have some nitro in it but it's also waste, stuff that wasn't good for your body(salts, etc). Good luck!
U can always get organic nutes... usually bat guano and seaweed extracts and fish emulsions... but work fine! altho it'll fubar a ec meters readings if ur concerned about ppm.

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