Need A Round Figure On The Growth Scale

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Aug 11, 2005
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I do not know the strain first of all but i have a definate female so far it will be 2 mo. on the 8th of jan.i bent her over 2 weeks ago and have new shoots growing towards the light out the ying yang very bushy. i measured it before i bent over and it was 11 inches i if i untied itit would probably closer to 2 feetbut with it bent over it is probably 15 inches now with all the new shoots caught up to the top. (even canopy) i am gonna start to flower it on the 8th when 2 mo. so my question without knowing the strain how much taller in a estimated guess do you think it will get within the 8 weeks need a min. and a max . guess because im not sure whether its a tall or short strain. also i have some baby f-3ww and some wwxerasers that popped up around christmas that is already 2 to 3 inches tall on the f-3ww if they were 2 feet in 2 months if they get that tall or taller how much in feet or inches could they grow during there flowering time ? just wondering to see if i should bend them over too?
Generally speaking, plants will more than double in height during the first 3 weeks of flowering.

Not always tho. A 5' tall outside plant may only grow an extra 2 feet, while a 10" plant may triple in height.

And I don't know how bending them over will affect the stretch.

P.S. vertical growth pretty much stops after the first 3 weeks of flowering, as the plants energies go into producing buds.

P.P.S. continue to use veg nute's during the first 3 weeks of 12/12, THEN switch over to flowering nute's.
tyvm ganga that was very helpful . i was just making sure i dont veg too long so i will have enough height room. ps by bending them ove will all the shoots that catch up be king buds as if i toped it 5 or 6 times sorry i havent tryed this stuff outdoors yet and not familiar with the methods but learning more every day ? none of the ?s i ask is in the grow that i read. i usually private message someone in this forum to ask my questions like that but dont want to be a nussance to anyone .ty again sir

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