Need Ventilation Advice for New Room

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Jul 24, 2005
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I have just built a new room. It is about 4x6. The walls and ceilings are painted flat white. The light I am using is a 430 watt sun agro bulb. I need to know the easiest way to ventilate this room. Some people suggest using the furnace as an exhaust. I have no idea how to do it the easiest and cheapest way. I keep an ossilating fan on all the time. Right now I have about 20 clones in there. They seem to be doing well. Thanks for any advice you can give me fellow tokers.
Pay attention; there'll be a test on this later.
Go to home depot and buy yourself 2 bathroom exhaust-type fans (about 12 bux each), 2 plugs and a roll of elec. tape, and 2 U-shaped pieces of ducting.
Cut a hole as low as you can in the cabinet using the template provided (use a drill to start a pilot hole then a sabre saw to cut the hole). Install a fan pointing inward.
Then cut a hole in the ceiling and install the fan blowing outwards. Routing it up a chimney is a great.
The ducting is for attaching to the outside of the fans to prevent light from getting in or out of the cabinet.
I only have one ground fault plug in this room. do the boxes have to be wired in. is it dangerous for it to be vented thru the furnace. can i run it all from a power bar and install a smoke detector and monoxide detector.
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