needing help with growing tips

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i want some of those special seeds you put in the microwave and out pops a huge bud. :)
Redenbacher seeds - when you find them, pm me FAST! :D
lol! I prefer the movie theater strain! hehehe more flava! lol
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cannabutter...........................
Hey Goldie, I made some butter cookies yesterday, with my special butter!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm gooooooooood stuff!!!
They're almost gone! :rolleyes:
lol! I need to start making some of that, I'm sure it preserves it a lot longer!
LOL - let`s market a new popcorn - Hellzapoppin`! LOL
Ha ha ha - you ain`t seen Comedy Central yet - wait til you do! LOL :D
oooh and we can make our own brand of ice cream while we are at it.... budder pecan!
Ha ha ha - peanut budder & chocolate chunks !! Yummy! :D
You're funny Goldie!!
As the cookies we're 'bakin', I was thinking just that....."I should sell this stuff"

Yes auto, you can preserve it much longer. That's the same batch I made over 2 months ago. Just gotta freeze it.
NTC, people do sell it - the mmj clubs sell all kinds of goodies. And the mmj medusers say that eating it is a most effective form of ingestion - much easier on the lungs, and the house smells good...;)
got a good recipe you might want to post NTC???? I think my wife would much prefer eating to smoking!lol
hello everyone. by way of intro, Im Razorback. speaking of munchies, does anyone remember a product called "screaming yellow zonkers" I havnt seen it on the shelves for looong time. This flavored popcorn was more addictive than crack. when smoking Mj it was like a food group . Guess ive dated myself with this post. This is my first visit here , Ill look around to see if I can contribute something just alittle more constructive. I see a few peeps I know are here, HEY ntc, G thanks for the thread peace Rzb

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