New beginnings.

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He is an idiot most likely living in his parents basement talking shit on the internet because he would get his ass kicked in the real world.
Or some dipshit that we banned already before. Either way he is a punk ass b.itch with no life.
Well he was practicing what it would be like to have two women fighting over him in his boy dreams I think. He called me a ***** but I couldn’t read it…😂
Well he now knows that we all know.😡
Makes me think of that movie where that kid had a rat named Ben.😁

good night fellas. Just for the record, I didn’t think I was being flirty with the guy… I should have used a stronger mom voice when I slapped him for bad language Maybe I will pick up on the troll thing in time…💕
Well I god damn sure wasn't flirting with the fking asshat and he messaged me too. Guess he loved us both Sub.We can't help it if we are sexy.😂😂😂
Haaaaaaa look how healthy these clones are thanx to ocean forest fox farms I use no other soil I use this soil for seeds clones fruit tree propagation this soil has everything you need for successful growing oh my God you should see how ghost peppers do in this soil
I like me some OF. My favorite time to use it is when transplanting 2 weeks prior to flower.

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