Newbie! I need help, pics of my baby included.

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Tetris Baby

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May 5, 2011
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So, basically, my friend gave me two weed seeds a couple of months ago, and about four weeks ago I decided to plant them purely out of curiosity.

I literally got some like soil compost, and put them both in their own pot. I didn't actually think they were gonna do anything, so I forgot about them and checked them about a week later and to my amazement they'd actually properly sprouted up!

Anyway so I moved them outside, and to be honest I don't do anything to them really, I don't know anything about growing weed. If the soil looks a bit dry then what I'll do is fill up a glass of water and leave it to stand for 24 hours because I've heard chlorine is bad for them? But apart from that I just leave them out in the sun and that's it.

Okay, so what I wanted to say is I know nothing, I don't even know whether the plants are indica or sativa, and I'd like some help (I've included some pictures of one of my babies) - whether it's tips & advice, or links to some good pages, but something that's simple to understand because I'm a newbie! Any help appreciated. :)

Welcome, but please read the Site Rules. I have removed the direct links from your post. We ask that pics be posted directly here. There are inherent risks posting grow pics on a site like Photobucket.

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