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Apr 4, 2005
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once my seed have begun to sprout after germination what is the next step I have miricle grow moisture control potting soil is that okay to plant in and another thing about lighting what is a good type to use and for how long?
The soil is good, yes. Do you have a light? Any light to grow with? If not, set it in a south or west-facing window, where it can get as much sunlight as possible.
Metal Halide, HPS, or lotsa floro!!! But the sun is always best!!!
ye try go with the MH for veging, as it puts out more of a blue light which is good for foliage growth, then u can switch to an HPS when flowering if u wanna pay a little extra...otherwise just get an HPS which should be right from start to finish..but the Sun is always better if u have nice weather and long days atm where u are....and if u are going to use artificial light try keep it on the plants all the time (24/7) for the first month then flower em if they a decent size...good luck
what size Metal Halide would be the best to go with for say 2-3 plants? as well as what would be a good size grow room to build (height and width)? I am still trying to figure all this out so thanks for all the help.
400 watts should be sufficient, I'd say you need about 3x3x6 feet of space. Make sure you have a fan in there too so the stems get strong.

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