Not sure what's happening Part II

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Aug 16, 2005
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I've tried researching this, but haven't come up with anything that might explain the black stripes you see on the stem and branches here. Is this a disease? Could it be some form of light stress? I recently switched this plant from flos to 400W MH on 20/4. Thanks very much for having a look.



I dunno' max..."IF" they're truely black. Sure it isn't dark green?
Max, few of my plants have that too. I think it's normal I don't really pay attention.
Well, I'm just not skilled enough to say for sure. Looks black to me. Stems on this plant have been light green up till now, but I've seen pics of other plants with much darker stems. Maybe same is happening here. Feared a deficiency, but I don't know. Thanks Hick and Bizzy.
Okay, so I'm an idiot. This is just some kind of natural coloration. The entire stem system has changed to a purple/brown hue and the plant is thriving.
its strain dependant. Some strains grow different colored leaves and buds, and in your case, stems. nothing to worry about
the stripes are actually kinda of cool ad bring character to your plant...

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