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Jan 18, 2011
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has anyone tried out the odersok if so,does it work as good as carbin filter?
Old_SSSC_Guy said:
if you mean an Odor-Sok - it IS a carbon filter.
ok,ill rephrase my question.is it as good as a canaster carbin filter.since its fairly new have not heard much about it. pretty much does it work
It sucks. I know someone that used one. Real lame. Get a CAP organic air filter. The best.
i agree. i wouldn't trust any filter which was washable, much less a carbon one. the $$ spent on Ebay will get you a good 6" inlet x 3-foot tall carbon filter tube made from quality metal, and you can change the carbon in them after long use.
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since there is no thanks button on here i added rep to both of you thanks for the input probably saved me money in the long run.
FTV, I run an odor sok and they work very well. You need to make sure you don't have positive pressure in the room, if there are any gaps in the walls etc you will just push the odor out there and bypass the filter.

You can reactivate the carbon in any carbon filter by steaming it.

Odor socks just get thrown in the dryer on hot for an hour or so and are usually good for a couple of grows.
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