Oh My God I Knew It!

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Bubonic Chronic

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Aug 19, 2005
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Um, the first hurricane of the season is coming pretty much, and i might lose power, what am i susposed to do for my plants gettin enough light and stuff? Do you think they will be fine for a couple days or what?
just put them next to a window where they can see some light at day time. if its gonna be few days it should be fine.
ummm hurricanes equal no light, its dark for days usually, and then sometimes we lose power for days....wait, we always lose power for days
joe blow said:
hurricanes = Florida = sunshine:

i wish it was like that

hurricanes = loads of wind and rain and lightning and tornadoes for a couple days on end then gayness afterwards for a month
oh man ... this is a tuffy...pretty much youll have to try to get some natural light from the cloudy sun because the plant will still get some energy from the sun if its cloudy unless its like deep thick clouds... but if all come s to worse im sure you r plants will live on and jsut problay mature a little later..

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