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45 days 12/12

This LA Amnesia has turned a nice pinky purple. Or that's what the wife says. I can't see shades but I can see the color changing. Frosting up pretty good too. I can't describe the odor she's giving off. It's pleasant but it's definitely not fruity or skunky.
Fems update

90days old
49days 12/12
End of week 6

Moving right along. They are all set and gaining weight this week. Keeping them hydrated and happy. Switched over to Jack's bloom last week. They seem to be okay with it. The la amnesia and Chemdawg are packing on the frost with the Gigabud closely behind. I'm expecting her to come on strong the next few weeks. For now it's just the old waiting game. I'm hoping to see some nice ripe buds within the next 3-4weeks. They are consuming a lot of liquid lately and entering the swelling stage. Loosing some leaf here n there but I'm okay with that.
Been struggling with temps lately. Big tent was creeping over 85. I opened up vents but that did nothing. Then I noticed the filthy sleeve on the carbon filter. It felt grimmy and almost sticky to the touch and was no longer white..lol. I pulled it and gave it a good washing. Seems to be better now w temps 65-80. Guess I'm going to buy another sleeve to quick swap when needed.

I'm going to enter that botm thing soon. I still have 4 mixed autos. They are close and that stubborn devil Xxl is still not ripe. So many variants in auto seed. I swear out of this 4 devils I grew two phenos appeared and had totally different bud formation. Not complaining..lol
Fem Update

96days old
56days 12/12
End of week 7

Not much change since the last update. Seems like the end of flowering is similar to seedlings. Always waiting for more to happen..lol
These are all being fed Jacks Classic Bloom 1/2tsp per gal. Environment has been chilly for them. Lights on 82 and dark in lower 60s..rh 35-45.
Considering all the damage early in life these are turning out okay.

LA Amnesia



Chemdawg Millionaire Guava
🤤 love some bud porn🤪. I’m having to give jacks a try, everyone that’s using it are having some beautiful results with them.
Well, to be fare they've only had jacks the jacks late in flower. The multi grow I'm doing is jacks all the way. I should get a good idea what jacks is all about by the end.
The humidity here right now is about 35%. I can only hang a plant about 3 days before I jar it. I left one hang about 5 days last month, and it was at 27% when I jarred it.
I put a drop of water on my finger, and smeared it all over the inside of the lids, and recapped the jars.
I did that every day for about a week, and finally walked it back up to 62%.
The autos I hung did dry fast. To fast really. I'll use the humidifier next time. Set it on 65 n let them dry. At this point I don't really care if it's a bit dry. It smokes just fine for now. It's nice having some decent smoke in the house.
It's Harvest Time!!!!!!

Well, the time has come for two fems. The LA Amnesia and Chemdawg are showing me tons of milky throches with amber sprinkled in there. So, they come down @9weeks. Never have I ever had plants mature this fast but I'll take it.
I've turned my bathroom into a makeshift walking humidor. Placed the humidifier in there and set it on 65%> Added a small fan for circulation and the temp is 65-70. I've also placed all my jars from the auto grow in there with open lids. I aim to hydrate a little hopefully and get a slower drying of the fems. A few pics before the chop.
LA Amnesia

Chemdawg Millionaire Guava


The Gigabud isn't quite finished yet so I'll leave her all by her lonesome for a few days and see where she's at. The Gigabud has the oddest aroma I've ever smelled on any cannabis plant. The other two sport the common fruity smell with the LA Amnesia slightly different.


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