One BB finished

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Grim Reefer

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Jan 20, 2005
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4 pics of Momma BB at 8.5 wks, she is ready to be harvest. I have clones of her waiting to go into the new bubblers "working exstrealy well".

There is 1 BB-soil and 1 BB-clone-Dro, 1-WW (thick), 1-SSK (about 6 1/2 ft tall) and NL still in flowering mode.





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Hey Grim, I see your growing BB, that is blueberry aint it? is the bb as good of smoke as the white widow? hard to beat that widow, but i got some blueberry seeds and was wondering if it was that good also.
I just got done token on some WW and I have come to the conclusion that WW is more potent than BB, but a different type of buzz. They have yet to cure properly, so I will do the finale test in about a month.
Don't get me wrong BB is very good bud, but not as good as WW. I do enjoy the sweet taste of BB and recommend it.
The WW produced about 79g, 9 weeks for her. Not bad for only being 2 ft tall.
I think a different flavor would be good from time to time, so BB is definately gonna be on my agenda to grow this year sometime.

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