Organic Pesticide problem!!!!

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Just a Dawg
Jan 6, 2006
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Well, I found a bug on my plant 3 days ago. I used the hot pepper/garlic soap solution that I always use. This time though, my plants spotted where the spray touched on the leaves and curled 3-4 of my fan leaves. I quickly sprayed it with R/O spring water. Overall growth has not been effected. should I worry about those curled fan leaves?
2 weeks into flower.
Soil mix-potting soil/bone meal/drainage gravel/perlite
PH 6.4
Fert. Dyna-bloom
Relative humidity 30% +/-
Temp 78d F
3' total main stem length in a 4 gallon pot.
12/12 schedule without any interuptions.
I wouldn't worry too much about losing a couple fan leaves as long as it doesn't keep losing more leaves. Keep in mind that at the end of flowering most of the leaves die and fall off anyway, as is the natural process of the plant. The fan leaves collect sunlight and nutrients during veg, and during flowering the nutes in the leaves are transfered to the buds and as a result the fan leaves die and fall off naturally.
Thanks for the reassurance. I am only in 2-weeks of flower. I know it was the pesticide. I just didn't want to hurt growth at this point. The plants still have a long stretch left I figure about another 1' on this grow. Just don't want to hurt potency or yeild.
yeah being 2 weeks into flower your plants still have a long stretch like you say, so I don't think it will hurt your potency or yield noticeably.

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