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Bloody H E L L !
Sep 26, 2008
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Why is the rate of growth visibly faster in a greenhouse? Is it just that the greenhouse is even hotter inside than the outside temperature? Or what? I moved my Grow #1 from outdoors into the greenhouse and they've all gone zoooooom 'o we like this'. 5 ft now but the roof is 8ft, I should manage... maybe not with the sativa, I might have to move that, best not to, in case someone comes after it.
Sativa doing great... May 23 to end October if the sativa flowers for 13 weeks. Seed put in on May 23. Now beginning flower, so vegging was 9 weeks and it's now at 5ft and well-developed side branches. By the leaves and the long grow time this has got to be the sativa strand of Oaxaca x Black Domina. So that's a 50-50 hybrid. Well, I made this strain and it's all F2 hybrid, Other than a few tricky to germinate original F1s. So it's hardly surprising that from S x I, SS comes out of the mix. I'll try to clone it because it's the Oaxaca sativa.
I also have what looks to be the II strand, the Domina part. The leaves are pure indica. So amusing to see the original parents popping up from the F2 seeds. I wonder if people would would like these F2s if I cultivated them commercially?
You need a bigger greenhouse!
Lol 3 plant have taken over half of my 6x8.
Hahaha!!! What did you expect! And your greenhouse is taller than mine, it has a funky roof. But I must say, greenhouse is the way. I am going to install a couple of 150W discharge lamps in mine to extend the veg period in winter. I'm hoping that running the lamps for three hours at sunset will keep them in veg.
did you build your own green house? if so what did you use for the walls and ceilings? ive been wanting to build one now that the wife won't let me do n.y thing indoors anymore since we've got a kid.

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