outdoor to indoor what to do!!

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May 15, 2005
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This is kinda nuts and I dont know what to do.
I planted 12 seeds and 12 grew outside in my garden. Ok so i just let them grow.Then i decided to get a light ( a shop light with 4 40 watt agro-lite phillips fluro.)and bring them in.I did that thrusday they have been on 24/0 since then they are about 5 or 6 weeks(?not to sure i didnt write it down cuz i didnt know i would stick with it this long) old and are between 10-12 inches tall . what should i do if there is anythign i can i have 12 more seeds germingation so incase i have to start over and do all indoors. OK thanks alot.Ryan
well if they're looking nice and healthy theres no reason to start over...keep an eye out for bugs if they've come from outside thou...

you could start flowering them now if u wanted to if u think they're at a decent height (>1foot tall). Remember ur plants will double to triple in size throughout the flowering stage so u need to think about whether ur grow space can accomodate them...to flower just switch ur light periods to 12hrs on and 12hrs off...also i dont believe 160w of light will be enough for 12 plants, it might be wise to invest in a HID light or 2 (u can read about these in the Newbie info area)what wattage really does depend on the size of ur grow area but for 12 plants i'd say u'd need 2x 400w lamps at least but i could be wrong as im just an intermediate grower myself and have never attempted a grow of this size...try posting some pics of the plants and the grow space if u can
Thanks alot for the info! Here are some pics.They are not good at all I have a cheap camera.I put them on 12/12 starting at 8am.I have an extra bedroom that is 10'x12' I have the window sealed up where no light can get in. I only have 10 inside now I just planted the other 2 outside to see what happens with them plus (the least healthy looking 2)i really only have room for 10 under the light i have now.If needed I can get a diffrent light for these 10.
I read that you can give them supplemntal light form outside if you move them and i also read that it is very bad to do that. anyone know they right answer?I have looked eveyrhwre and cant get a str8 answer.R
Ryan...it is recommended to have at least 30 watts p/sq. ft.(very minimum) 50 W/p/sq. ft. is considered "optimal". Your room is 120 sq.ft. You're looking at 6 thousand watters to accomodate that entire space.
From experience, 10 plants will be crowded as hell, even under a 1K (20 sq.ft).
IMO, the plants should always be grown to sexual maturity(either alternate branching or pre-flowers showing) before setting to flower. Flowering prior, definately effects yeild and IMO has a negative effect on quality, too.
Nothing beats Mother natures "Big Halide" in the sky for producing light for MJ. The only "bad" thing that I can think of, would be you will probably be introducing outdoor pests into your indoor garden.
Thanks alot for your time and the info!I am going to get more lights this weekend. Out of the 10 probably only 3 or 4 will be females right? I just cant tell by looking at them yet they all look male to me!! after a weeks or so on 12/12 i should really be able to tell huh?Ok take care and thanks again!- Peace Ryan
unless you really have to, you should let them grow outside. the sun is a million times better then any light you can get.
joe blow said:
unless you really have to, you should let them grow outside. the sun is a million times better then any light you can get.

yep yep
Hey, I got rid of the fluro light and got a HydroFarm HID 120 v 4.0a 60 hz with the easyglide track thing were it can cover more space but i have not put the trac up i just hung it for now. I have 6 feemales out of the 12 i started with so thats not bad for my first not even on purpose try to grow. Thanks alot for everyones help i am sure ill have more questions.peace R
here are some new pics the next thing i am going to get is a new freakin camera!
oh and btw how far should i keep the light from the plants and is a 400 watt agrosun bulb good enough?thnxs
Floro's emit 75 lumens (what plants use) per watt (what your utility charges you).
HPS puts out 125 lumens per watt, making HPS a lot cheaper to run.
For optimum yield/potency, you need 3000 lumens per sq/ft for veg, twice that for flowering.

I'm wondering why you moved them indoors. Outside will give you WAY MORE yield.
Indors you need to keep the lights right above the top of the plants (floro's almost touching); this means that with a tall plant the lower buds will be low-potency.
Outside you don't have this problem, plus sunlight is free.
Also outside you don't have to supply ventilation/fans.
I put the males outside because I couldn't bear to kill them but now I am paranoid of having them outside.Even though my house is all privacy fenced in I am still close on neighbors on the sides. So in actuality I probably could just grow them all outside but for the 1 % change the meter reader or something saw them and called the po-lice. So that's basically why I brought them in to finish indoors plus I just wanted to learn to do it this way cuz I am thinking of getting a condo anyway's so ill have to do it inside then. that's my insane rambling about why the plants are indoors.
Okay that explains why you moved them indoors.

May I ask, why are you bothering to grow males?
I just cant bare to kill them they look so nice BUT I prob will this weekend.
"Lumens" are percieved by the human eye(what humans can see)..PAR watts are the measurment for "useable light" that the plants percieve.

Lighting Terms

Lumen is a measurement of light output. One Lumen is equal to the light emitted by one candle that falls on one square foot of surface located one foot away from the candle.

PAR Watts While the lumens measurement is based on the sensitivity of the human eye to light, PAR Watts objectively measure the total watts of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) emitted by the bulb. It accounts for the nutritional value and is a direct measure of light energy available for all-important plant photosynthesis.

Color Rendering Index (C.R.I.) is a measure of lighting quality. It is measured on an index from 0-100, with natural daylight equal to 100. Bulbs with a high color rendering index make objects appear more true to life.
"Lumen is a measurement of light output. One Lumen is equal to the light emitted by one candle that falls on one square foot of surface located one foot away from the candle."
I didn't know this. Very interesting! ! R
Hick, if you know, where does the term >candlepower< fit in?
For instance, I just bought a rechargeable spotlight rated at 2 million candlepower.

Btw, those high-powered spotlights are great. My friends also bought some, and at night we sit around and set fire to the tops of tree's and vaporize small woodland creatures. Sometimes all that's left of a baby rabbit is the imprint of a shadow on the ground.
:roflmao:..."POOOOF"...no mo bunny??

Candlepower is a way of measuring how much light is produced by a light bulb, LED or by striking an arc in a Carbon-Arc spotlight. Is it a measure of how much light falls upon an object some distance away? No. That's illuminance. Is it a measure of how well we see an object that is illuminated by that light source? No. That's something all together different, and we are not going there!

Nowadays we use the term CANDELA instead of candlepower. Candlepower, or CANDELA is a measure of how much light the bulb produces, measured at the bulb, rather than how much falls upon the thing you want to light up. Further confusing the matter is beam focus. That's how much candlepower can be focused using a reflector/lens assembly. Obviously, if you project all your light bulbs intensity at a given spot, or towards something, it will be more intense, and the illuminance will be higher.

And here comes the confuser! A candlepower as a unit of measure is not the same as a foot-candle. A candlepower is a measurement of the light at the source, not at the object you light up.
Can i use BOTH fluro (4 xs 40 watt)and my 400 watt agro light on my plants at the same time the fluros on the sides and the HID on top??
Yes you can, always remember the more light the better. Good Luck

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