Outdoor *w coast to indoor

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Jun 26, 2011
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About to bring my outdoor girls, that have already begun their stretch, inside to my new grow room. I'm concerned about how they'll react to the switch in hours of light and everything else. Anyone done this before successfully and want to share the story or have any ideas on how to mitigate the stresses? I had the idea to give them 13 hours of indoor light for a couple days but I'm leaning away from that.

*the spice must flow:D
If you're ready to start flowering them, you could go straight to 12/12. Or you could match current daylight hours, which for me (Northeast US) is still about 15 hours +.

Be careful- you'll be bringing in lots of bugs into your clean new grow room.
I would wash your plants well before bringing them in. BBF is right.
Bringing in pests from outside is your biggest worry. Like Rosebud mentioned, give them a good wash.

You should have no trouble putting them right into 12/12.
I treated them with Avid about ten days ago so they're pretty bug free. Some of them are about a week into the flower process and I haven't moved them inside yet.. I hope they'll be ok. Thanks for the confirmation

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