photo period vs. auto flower grow time

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May 14, 2011
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Generally fem Auto flowers take 2 weeks seedling and 7 weeks bloom - total 9 weeks.
For quick photo period plants, I'm thinking 2 weeks seedling - veg for only 2 weeks (I know that's short) then 8 week bloom - total 12 weeks.

For fem photo period I could clone - how much time would that cut off my total time clone to harvest?

My thought is that after 1st photo period clones are planted, my total grow time would get close to auto period with bigger harvest -- I've grown auto flower and 1/2 an oz. is the normal yield per plant - even with 3 gal. pots -- not so good - lots of soil and pots.

I have 9 sq. ft grow room w/400 watt mh / hps lite - use soil. good ventillation - Earth juice nutients - ok temps and humidity levels.
What's the big hurry? Why not do a decent veg and get a real harvest?
If its quantity you want and fast i would clone and flower, clone and flower. Once you have a routine sorted out and a fast indica strain then you will be able to produce quite regularly.

My last auto i pulled 2.5 oz off it. one before just under 2. that was under a 600w between the 2 of them with lst.

Dont go short on veg time. Otherwise you may as well grow an auto. That is the reason auto's produce less. because they have an extremely short veg cycle that cannot be prolonged.

If you veg for a decent time and lets say it takes you an extra month in the cycle or 2 weeks even you will make that up with more bud sites producing more bud.

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