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Jul 25, 2005
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ok I have been growing for about a month and a ahalf and I just started flowering.. its my first time growing.. everything was going spectacularly, and then i set up a new ventilation system, and for some reason, I checked on them tonight and it was 90 degrees in the cupboard- hotter than its ever been before- and 3 out of 4 plants have DRASTICALLY dropping leaves- especially fan leaves- the branches are very very weak and flimsy, but the leaves are all a healthy color. one of the plants however is completely unchaged and appears to be perfectly healthy. Any ideas at all I am freaking out here!!
ok ok ok first of all- sorry, I'd delete this thread but i cant figure out how, so i guess ill just explain what happened- i was freaked out because I thought it was some kind of disease or fungus- or some kind of weird heat stress.. i didn't even consider that I was underwatering, because i thought that all four plants would be affected the same. I was stupid though because I forgot that I watered that one plant the day before caus the soil was unusually dry- also, it was the farthest okant from the light so the soil dried up more slowly- in other words, I underwatered them and forgot..... sorry to clutter of the forum if you can tell me how to delete this thread I'll be glad to do that

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