Please help, first sick plants

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Jan 18, 2011
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I am at 41 days flowering now, and I am having my first real sick plants problem. The tops of the plants seem to be doing fine, its the lower fan leaves that are really bad. I dont know the ph of the water I an using =( and I over did the nutes about a week ago, only plain water since. This is happening to my smallest plant, and the fan leaves are falling off if I even touch them. I dont know what is wrong or what I should do. Thanks


May not be anything wrong at all. At six weeks flowering it's natural for some leaves to fall off. Would be a good idea to get ph meter though, or low cost aquarium ph strips ... will give you good idea if you're long way out or not.

Then again if you're plants have been doing ok up until now I'd guess there's good chance your water is probably ok.
Thanks Runby, I am planning on getting a ph wand after this grow for the next one :D If this is just natural should I continue nutes for 2 more weeks or just plain water for the rest?
Personal preference Moses. Some folk flush plants in last couple of weeks, they say it gets rid of harsh taste. I don't personally ... have never noticed a difference and always feed up until the end. Don't see how depriving plant can do any good at all.
If it's a quick finisher, could just be natural fade beginning since you're in the 6th week.
Hey Pencil, I wish I knew if it was, these are just bagseed. I am glad to know it is at least a possibility this is just natural. I was getting really bummed thinking I ruined my crop. I will go quarter strength nutes for another week and see what happens. Thanks

Hey Moses, don't panic. That is really common in some varieties to do that later in flower. It is personal preference on the nutes. I use organic, which is slower to uptake then chemicals, so I don't use them the last two weeks. Hang in there.
Thank you Rosebud, I need all the reassurance I can get :D I will continue the nutes a little longer, just to see if it makes a difference. Moses
Moses, note the brown spots, and the "claw"... I'd say this is over feeding... Not to mention that this leaf is REALLY green! If it were natural aging leaves, they'd be uniformly yellowing, I'd back off the nutes, (N especially) and watch how she reacts... Then again, if it's close to finishing, I'd just let her be!!! Good luck my friend!

EDIT: just noticed you said you over did the nutes a week ago... Plain water since? Should be alright then mate; no worries!;) Looks Sat dominant, so will take a bit longer to finish; I'd go back to 1/4 strength (as you mentioned)(no N, needs to deplete a bit before harvest) and watch her reaction; she'll let you know what she wants, just listen!:D
Hey Gixxer, they are mostly sativa it seems, so I am going to try and go 4 more weeks. It is only the smallest plant that is having trouble, the others are yellowing slightly as they should so I think it was a bit of burn because its smaller. I am going to use quarter strength for another week and see what happens. Thanks

that to me looks like phosphorus def, and very low ph

...i want a scantron
OGKushman said:
that to me looks like phosphorus def, and very low ph

...i want a scantron

I could possibly see potassium def. :confused: Phosphorus def. seems to yellow a bit too... Just going by the leaf def. chart in the sick plants forum... But I'm almost certain this is burn seeing as none of the others are showing signs, and this being the smallest(weakest) plant of the bunch... IDK, that's why I'm here though; to learn! certainly keep us posted as to what you decide is the issue (based on reaction of the plant to stimuli)... I'd like to know what causes this anyways!:D
I am also leaning towards it being burn, because it started after I gave it too much nutes about a week ago, and hasnt recovered yet I guess. I am going to go with quarter strength nutes for a week and see what happens. Wish me luck! Thanks

Good luck and green mojo to you friend! Keep in mind that nutrient burn is irreversible; so as long as it doesn't spread she's recouped!;)

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