Positive females?

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Apr 12, 2011
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Now I know this is tricky without pics, I will be posting some later on today.

It is now 6 weeks into the grow 3-4 more weeks left until flower, the last I checked all the plants had v-shaped growths and no balls( this was a week ago).
How long do males take to show?
I believe the sex is showing after flowering starts.. about a week into flowering... the males will show themselves first...
Most will show sex by six weeks veg, if they havent they will very soon.

Just curious why are you planning to veg for 10 weeks?
There's tons of pics of both male and female pre-flowers--have you compared what you have to the pics?

At 6 weeks, you'll be showing pre-flowers.

D, I veg out 9 or 10 weeks, but I grow trees indoors.
The little v things are most likely simply new growth. It may take a couple more weeks to show preflowers. And some do not show sex until they are put into 12/12.
me thinks the "V" thing poster is talking about are the spurs?
This is outdoors so I started them inside for 2 weeks then put them outside, that's why veg is so long.
These babies are also a bit far away and I can only visit them once every week or two to feed them.
I have prepared very good soil, will this help the fact that I cant tend to them as often?

and how long do I have to pull the males as they appear?

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