Possible Nanners?

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Im in Week 2 of Flower and these look a lot bigger then my other plants. Ive been on the look out for hermie for the past few days and today i could tell that somesthings different on this "guy?" Im afraid its gone hermie on me :x



Looks like normal calyx of an early stage bud formation to me, think you're good to go!
I do not see any signs of nanners either--she looks all female at this point. However, your plant is quite stretched. What size/type light are you using and can you get it closer?
Running a 1000 Watt HPS in a 8' Cool Tube. i dont have an inline fan, just a bed side fan blowing upwards to get some heat up into my ducting and out.

The light is 20" away from my plants and its making my plants right around 80-82 Degrees. If my old job stops slacking and send my my check thats over a month late i could pick an inline off of cragslist to help and then bring my light in closer.

The pics in the first post are my Tahoes, which arent too great. But my Grape Ape is already getting some nice bud sites going. Should be a decent harvest for my situation.
I would try and make an exhaust fan a priority (but I do understand poverty). Make sure that you get a centrifuge type fan, not an inline duct booster fan, which won't do the job. A 6" Vortex, Can, Eclipse, etc should keep things cool. Your plants need a continual supply of fresh air. This mean out with the old and in with the new. Bedside fans just push around warm CO2 depleted air.
Poverty sucksss!!! The vortex fans are so darn expensive. But ill do what i can. Im just glad most of these are just 1 time expenses.

I have one of those tall standing fans continuously blowing air from outside of the room in, so im hoping it helps a bit. Gonna go check for my check and then rummage through some Craigslist adds.

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