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Apr 6, 2011
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so whats the norm? once seeded & rooting is fair, transpalnt into a #4-6 pot then # 10 or 5gal? or do some just go from good root right to a huge bucket and why? fresh soil neded? or it dont matter cause soil can last awhile or @ least for the grow? less handling is better? whats the thaughts.....
I go into a five gallon pot as soon as possible then that is it for my plants. They finish in 5 gallon. I use smart pots. Yes use fresh soil. It depends on what your growing, what your going for etc. Some people can get away with a 3 gallon pot, I can't. Good luck and read all about everything right here on MP...check out the stickys.
And Welcome again.
I am one of the few peeps who likes to grow in smaller pots...I normally grow in one gallon pots. To be honest it is tough to go to bigger pots when I seem to get good yields from the one gallon ones. Will be going to 2 gallon smart pots next run. Most use 3-5 gallon pots.
Container size depends on what you are trying to achieve with your grow. Smaller containers generally produce taller, skinnier plants in my experience with them. Good for alot of plants in a small area.
If you want wider plants with less stretch, then a bigger pot size would be the way to go.

I start seeds or rooted clones in 16oz plastic cups, once they are about 4 inches tall I transplant into a 1 gallon grow bag. They veg there for a week or two, then I transplant them into 5 gal Air Pots and let them finish vegging there until they are well rooted and showing maturity. Then they go to 12/12.

I tried 3 gallon pots for a while when I started out, and seemed to get alot of stretching and was watering almost daily during flowering. In a 5 gallon container I get less stretch, and only have to water every other day when they're in full bloom.
im with Hamster lewis. i do pretty good with small pots. i use one gallon pots most of the time. im currently doing a side by side grow with 1 plant in a 3 gallon and 1 in a 1 gallon. same strain same conditions. only thing thats different is pot size. so far they're just alike at and should finish in about 3 or 4 weeks..
Ruffy, first, welcome to the forum. Good to see you here, man.
OK . . about pots. Can't really say too much because I don't know if you're talking indoor, GH, or outdoor.

Indoor of course you're constrained by lumens, not space, so much, and so pot size is usually not the limiting factor. When I run my GR I'm using 2 x 150HPS and 1 x 150 CMH, and I can run max 6 plants in there with 3 gallon pots, roughly 2 oz per plant yield.

In the GH, well, I run 5 gallon pots and I put the seed straight into the coco. (I have grown in soil too, and I just don't have the patience for that any more.) Why hold the plant back? MJ puts a tap root straight down as fast as it can, once it hits the bottom it starts to circle and the plant goes "oh oh, I have almost no space to grow . . ." - much better to go straight to final size.

Outdoor, well, if in pots, it depends ultimately on your privacy/risk factor. I can run 6oz from a 5 gallon pot outdoor with a 7 ft sativa, or 4 oz in the GH with the same pot and 10 weeks on an indica.

Finally, 3 gallons is plenty for a short-shot auto. If you can find a reliable auto, that is . . . but that's a different story.
see thats what i like, a variety of ways and answers from the mp pros lol. thanks and ill try a # 10 pot for starters cause thats what i have. 4 stay in, 2 purple kush,from clone. 2 big bud from seed in water over night, now. 3 big bud for outside in 1.5 months. ill start a forum soon. cheers all, legalize
one gallon of mix per month of growth... ancient wisdom from Concubus.

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