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Jun 27, 2005
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Plants in pic are @ 1 month and 3 days from sprout, vegging 24/0 with 400w MH about 1 foot away from tops. Leaves are getting HUGE, and seem to be holding down some of the smaller budding branches. I've read that some folks prune to redistribute the growth and uncover new branch growth, but I wondered if anyone here had any advice.
Planning on going into 12/12 to flower @ the 6 week mark, as the plants should be @ or above the 12" mark, and I only have 3 feet of clearance.
Thanks for any input--

1month3days 001.jpg

1month3days 002.jpg

1month3days 003.jpg
You shouldn't remove leaves; they make food for the plant and store nutrients during veg that the plant needs during flowering.
If leaves are blocking lower budsites, you can re-arrange them with twist-ties.
Yeah. Rotate them if you can. Probably not so just tie the leaves out of the way with twist ties or string. They look killer though dude. Nice job. :) And you wanted to toss'm and start over. Ha ! Keep us updated.
hey guys im new to all this but here gos, i have 2 white widow plants (indoor) growing they are both in flowering at the moment and some people have told me to prune when the plant is flowering so that the flowers get more light is good one of my plants is budding really well and is covered with it and aloot of it is covered by fan leaves will pruning them help get more yeild and potency or is it all a lie
I don't believe in prunning just try to tie the leaves down so your buds see more light the only leaves you should remove are the dead ones that are about to fall off. Mojo does plants look like there gonna produce some killer shit bro, are you using maxi grow?
Thanks DS and Guru for the tips, I will find some ties and get to work.

DS, you are so right, I was ready to start over, but I am amazed at the resiliance of these freakin plants! They just kept comin back after every screw up I made, so needless to say, I am one happy camper, and grateful for the lessons learned. You're right, rotating is not an option, as I took a peek at the roots in the trays and they are EVERYWHERE and piling up like spaghetti! They are actually growing through the drain pipes and are sticking out of them now when I remove the drain tee to change out my res.
I just added a homemade 2nd res/controller connected to a float valve in the main res, as the plants began to drink so fast I was topping off the res every other day. In one and 1/2 weeks I will break out the hps, set my timer to 12/12 and switch to flower mode. Plants are already almost a foot tall and I'm hoping to time it right so they max out at about 3 feet, cause I don't have much more clearance than that.

I'm starting to smell the weed now when I walk in my house, and other than a small Ona block, I have no active odor control. Any suggestions for affordable odor solutions/remedies?
Yes Biz, I am using Maxi Gro for veg and I have Maxi Bloom for flower. You were so right about those crap nutes that came with the system, I would have killed these babies for sure if I had continued using them. I've got a little leaf discoloration as of the last few days, but I think I just need to back off a bit on the dosing. I went less than what the label recommended, but I think I need to go even less than that.

As for how killer this yield will be, I'm just hoping it lives up to both the description and pricetag that it had on the website I ordered from. There are 2 strains: "Global Northern Light" (which is a "cross" of two strains), and something called "Starlight". Got three plants of each. GNL seems to be growing a little slower overall, but is catching up fast. One of them (GNL) has been a slow moving runt since day one, but is holding its own very well.

Almost halfway there dude!
how much nuts you mix? 1 teaspoon per gallon?
Actually I'm using 1/2 teaspoon per gallon in the main res (holds about 3.5-4 gallons), and in the 2nd res/controller I put same amount of water with just 1/2 teaspoon.
oh ok, i use little more for my soil and my plants seem to like it.
I'm going really conservative on the feeding ever since I almost fried em---Must be the whole NFT thing, I think it makes them a little more sensitive to nutrients cause their roots are just floating in solution.
Hey, I was gonna hang some trellis web netting to support the plants as they grow up. Have you used this stuff? Should I place it around the plants and then suspend and tighten it up, or should I should hang it above them and let them grow through it?

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