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I was reading somewhere about triming a plant for more yeild. I do cut clones using my bottom branches but no more erver grow. I also read that when you cut a branch off like 2 is suosed to grow in it's place. If any one know of how to do this or any websites that would help me out.

thanks in advance.
if you cant fig it out from this website i sent you prunning ,topping are 2 different things if you want 2 king buds topping would be taking of the top part where the stems meet . dont mess your plant up by prunning . also you can try to strap the top over to let the lower branches catch up with the top part it will take longer doing so if you top it .
i have been to that website before, doen't help that good, would be better if I had some pics.
skunk is spot on.

Add: when topping, make the cut mid-way between nodes. Use a sharp clean razor blade (scissors tend to cut plants by squashing/tearing).
More: Topping doesn't mean increased yield. You end up with more buds, but smaller buds than an untopped plant.
There is a way to increase yield by topping, but it requires more light, water and nutes.

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