Question about female plant with a seed

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Jan 31, 2005
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whats up guys, If a female plant produces one seed would that make it automaticlly a hermaphidite. There are no males in the garden. I discovered the one seed when i was clipping the buds off the stalk.
one seed when i was clipping the buds off the stalk.

"sounds" like a pollinated preflower to me. "If" it were right at a node on the meristem.
Did you have a male in there early on? Possibly pollinted a preflower before you segregated him?
By definition, if you have a plant that pollinates itself, it is a hermaphrodite.
There are different degree's of hermaphroditism.

It's not uncommon to find a seed or 2, usually buried deep in a bud. Usually when this happens you'll also see the "banana", the male stamen, right alongside.

There are herm's that are 50/50 pollen sacs/female buds on a plant, sometimes on the same branch. And some plants that have only a few buds, mostly pollen sacs.

Btw, don't use any seeds from a herm.

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