question: Autos size and light strength

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Aug 4, 2022
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I've learned that using too much light can reduce the size of your plants. I've typically started around 150par and increased until just under 600 par in veg, ramping up to hit 600 around 3rd week of veg, so I'm wondering if I've been using too much light. My smaller autos are typically only around 12 - 14 inches tall when harvested (large Critical FB the exception). I don't see leaf aversion or signs of too much light that I can recognize except sometimes at the very top highest buds in flowering.

Is there any technique where you can reduce the light in early veg to get a little more growth out of your autos? Does it help or hurt yield? Or is it just a matter of not hurting your growth via too much light, and the small size is not variable otherwise (except for genetics)?
I'm a virgin to autos, but I've never heard about too much light stunting a plant. Some of the tallest plants world wide come from around the equator.
I am new to autos but recently found they take a liking to brite LED lighting at a much younger age than I thought. I don’t think to much light is an issue as lomg as it doesn’t come with increased heat. Are you running an LED light?
Thanks! What I heard was the plants will show signs of too much light by curling or angling leaves away and will also not grow as tall. I'm a 2-harvest auto noob and so was wondering if they could grow any better with slightly less light early in veg... I'm using a ViparSpectra ks3000 300w LED in a 3x3 tent. I've been using a par meter and pushing the light up to around 600 at the top of the plants after a few weeks into veg, ramping up from 150. I suspect autos are just small and I should be growing photos :p

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